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Here is a Review of the Last Masterclass Event on June 16th in London.

Unlocking Success through Lifelong Learning: Insights from a Transformative Masterclass Event

This week’s Monday Night Live, hosted by Derek Arden, featured a review of a Masterclass event held the previous Friday.
The event, titled “The Power Dynamics of Success,” was a charity masterclass attended by 41 delegates, including many readers of Derek’s briefing and supporters of MNL.

The Speakers

The masterclass showcased the expertise of five dynamic speakers:Justin Urquhart-Stewart, Gabrielle Gache, Tim Durkin, Damien Lewis, and Graham Jones. Each speaker delivered a captivating talk in a TED-style format, sharing their best ideas and insights in just 17 minutes.

Money Raised For Charities

Derek expressed his gratitude for organizing and hosting the event, which successfully raised over £9,000 for The Samaritans, Shelter, and Crisis, with more donations still coming in. Damien Lewis generously provided copies of his book, “Churchill’s Band of Brothers,” to all the delegates and encouraged them to donate to The Samaritans.

Ideas, Techniques and Tips

During Monday Night Live, Derek promised to share some of the key ideas, techniques, and tips discussed during the masterclass. Attendees came from various locations, including Sunderland, York, Exeter, and even San Francisco, with one participant, Craig Adams, staying up all night to join the event via Zoom from California.

Lifetime Learning

The age range of the attendees was diverse, spanning from 16 to 76 years old. This demonstrated that lifelong learning knows no age limits, emphasizing the importance of continuously acquiring and honing vital skills.

The masterclass provided a plethora of incredible tips and techniques, leaving Derek’s head spinning with excitement. He invited the viewers to join Monday Night Live to gain a glimpse into the valuable insights shared during the event.

Repetition Of The Learning Success

Derek expressed his appreciation for the inspirational comments shared on social media and highlighted his habit of picking up information and presenting it on slides for easier reference. He also acknowledged the value of repetition in the learning process, explaining that sometimes it takes hearing something multiple times before implementation can occur.

Other Highlights

Other highlights from the masterclass included Gabrielle’s fascinating hypnosis induction, the importance of the power of three, and the strength testing exercise conducted by Gabrielle.

Derek mentioned the wisdom shared by each speaker, touching on topics such as investment, leadership, negotiation, sales targets, and self-talk.

Future Masterclass Events

The event showcased the transformative power of continuous learning and the immense value of connecting with like-minded individuals. Derek expressed his enthusiasm for future mentorship opportunities and the collective wisdom shared during such gatherings.

The summary description provides a glimpse into the content covered during the masterclass, emphasizing the significance of lifelong learning and the actionable insights gained from the dynamic speakers.

Guest Speakers

Tim Durkin
Damien Lewis

1 - Justin Urquhart-Stewart - Financial GURU, BBC commentator, founder 7IM

2 - Gabrielle Gache - Master Practitioner of NLP, Professional Speaker and Author

3 - Tim Durkin - Leadership expert, formerly advisor to Steven Covey, Author

4 - Damien Lewis -Number one bestselling author whose books have been translated into over forty languages worldwide

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